Why did we start SJ Corporate Services? We saw what large companies have, and we saw the need for smaller companies that can’t afford to employ full-time CFO and have mostly never experienced the level of financial advice that large corporations enjoy.

To have adequate financial management, someone must take the time to analyse financial metrics and benchmarks. A person has to go through strategies, test the financials, set budgets and KPIs, perform Internal Audits and set up SOP for the staff. This isn’t the kind of task you can delegate to a program or an AI. A competent analyst needs to work with the senior management team to give them sound advice drawing from the rich spectrum and a depth of experience.

Most small companies can only hire family members or train from rank and file, while large companies that have systems and greater capital can train a person to hold the position of a CFO.

Outsourced Finance Department

The Full Range of Services

Most businesses in Malaysia overlook CFO services, their capabilities, and how to get the best service out of a deal with them. With SJ Corporate, we clearly outline our skills and talents so that you know exactly what value you can expect to receive from us.

It is a little-known secret that most independent CFO services only provide limited CFO services, often selling more advanced services at higher rates. The most common service package is ‘Bookkeeping’, which only benefits business maintenance, with ‘Controller’ services as a rare exception among some CFO firms.

At SJ Corporate, we are prepared to handle all your financial planning needs, providing excellent CFO-led services and solutions to optimise your business. Every business and organisation is unique. As such, we deliver precisely what you need based on a thorough understanding of your vision and business.

Currently, the experience my immediate team and my partner firms have, we have so many clients and scenarios we have seen. When a client brings us on board, we can quickly see the areas we can improve and bring positive change into the company we are hired into.

Our Mission

To let smaller companies have a better chance in their respective industries and ensure they avoid costly mistakes as they grow.

Our Vision

To be a one-stop centre for financial services.

Our Core Values


Mutual Trust & Respect

Teamwork & Innovation